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Rhode Islanders are sick of the status quo. They are sick of politics as usual from their State officials, and they are sick of their cities and towns being under represented. They are demanding a new style of leadership, one that brings fresh ideas to the table and will put Rhode Island back on the path to long-term financial stability.

As lieutenant governor I will focus on three main issues: improving our schools, making our streets safer, and creating better economic opportunities for all Rhode Island families. I will do this by bringing fresh ideas to the table and working with community leaders across the state to modernize Rhode Island’s job creation, tax and education policies.

Job Creation

As a small-business owner myself, I know first-hand the burdens of running your own business, and, frankly, I’m tired of Rhode Island being the first into economic downturns and the last one out. 


I believe it should be our priority to get as many of our taxes inline with our neighboring states as possible. Too much tax revenue is being lost to Massachusetts and Connecticut because it’s cheaper to buy things across state lines. 


I believe that improving education is the key to getting Rhode Island’s economy moving again. As an elected official and community leader, I have worked tirelessly to improve public education and ensure that every Rhode Island child has access to a great education.

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