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I’m Dan McKee, and I’m running for Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor. For too long, Rhode Islanders have been let down by their State leadership. We were the first ones into the recession, and we’re the last ones to leave it. Instead of finding practical solutions to fix our entrenched economic issues, we too often look for the quick fix or silver bullet. These choices often times lead us into worse economic situations than we were in prior. It’s time for a new style of leadership, one that is going to raise the bar on our expectations and bring fresh ideas to the table.

I have a history of taking tough economic situations and improving on them dramatically. When I first became Mayor of Cumberland, our finances were in shambles and our bond rating was close to junk status. Under my leadership, we’ve been upgraded multiple times by the rating agencies, and Cumberland has one of the strongest economies in Rhode Island.

On a State level, I’ve been able to bring together mayors and municipal leaders in order to save our cities and town millions of dollars in healthcare costs and school funding. I’ve also helped push through legislation that has changed the way Rhode Island approaches education, and we are seeing results.

If elected lieutenant governor, I would take this same leadership approach to the State House. I would use that office to develop policies that could significantly improve our state’s financial situation, as well as be a champion of our cities and towns, who are currently underrepresented. These efforts would results in improving our schools, bettering our communities, and giving Rhode Islanders a better shot at a good life.

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